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 by Natalia
beautiful rich color

Rich color, smooth creamy feel. Overall, very nice lipstick to make you stand out in a dimly lit environments.

 by Margarita

Love the Serum Ocho and the Moisturizer Boleo !!! Reduce the appearance of my wrinkles and lines… my skin looks healthier and looking good.. will continue using the Embrace Cosmetics!! Thank you …

 by Edder Flores
Love the Serum

I have been using this serum for a few weeks now and I am extremely impressed with the results. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after using it. I have also noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I highly recommend this product.

 by Suzanne Metcalfe
Fantastic facial serum!

I was a little skeptical at first having a career in the beauty industry but, I was very happy with the product. It delivers like a champ. Hydrating but not oily, pleasant scent and a smooth finish under my makeup. Definitely will get a second bottle. Love it!

 by Anna
Love this lipstick

I'm an opera singer and tango dancer, and I absolutely Love wearing my Gancho lipstick for singing performances and milongas! Beautiful color and it stays for a long time. This lipstick feels very nice on lips and I definitely recommend this brand! 💖👄

 by Eduarda

I’m in love for the colors. Finally found a lipstick that last on my lips 🙌🏼

 by Vi T
Vi T

I have this lipstick #102 very beautiful color, make my lip so moist so sexy, stay all night and got a lot of compliment for it.

 by Cleoneide L.
Lindo batom sacada.Belíssima modelo.

Que Modelo linda!Batons lindos!!Morena de Beleza mística.

 by Kiran S
awesome lipsticks

Super soft, buttery, creamy, amazing tints that last like forever. Highly recommended. One should get a full set.

 by Galina L

Colors are beautiful, long lasting , and do not dry out your lips. I would buy again!

 by Cleo C.
Soft long lasting lisptick

I love Embrance lipstick for its beautiful colors, luxurious fancy look, and long lasting. I have the whole set. It’s a wonderful gift to give someone that you love on Christmas or valentine’s day. I would say at anytime.

 by Joelandia

The colours are so beautiful. I love them!

 by Irene R.
Gentle Glow

Abrazo adds a gentle glow to your face. I like experimenting with a combination of a lipstick and a gloss. When I use strawberry fizz gloss over the Abrazo, they balance each other nicely to blend into the deep and soft glossy strawberry. I plan on getting Ocho...

 by Jane L.
Beautiful package

I got the whole 7 colors lipsticks in a heart shape stand. I’m so happy looking at all this different color lipsticks when I put my makeup on every time before I go Tango.
This lipsticks are not just having beautiful colors. They stay all night long while I’m dancing. Best lipsticks ever!

 by Olga K.
Creates more cabeceo looks at milonga 😉

I have a Cabeceo lipstick, and I love it. It’s very rich and vivid color that definitely creates more opportunities for “cabeceo” looks at milonga 😉 It lasts for all night long without retouching, and feels pretty smooth on lips. Love it!

 by Gillian
your lipstick and color are just as important as your dress and jewelry

When dancing your lipstick and color are just as important as your dress and jewelry. They all go together. I’m enjoying Cabeceo which goes well with my skin color, lasts the length of the event, and keeps my lips moist. I’ve had a very hard time finding the perfect color and moisture. I’m so glad that EmBrace made a product out of natural materiaRead more about review stating your lipstick and color are just as important as your dress and jewelryls that are not chemicals.

 by Catherine
High quality lipsticks

First let me say that all of the shades are beautiful, vibrant colors. Gancho is my favorite (though I love them all for their names!). The best part is that not only are the colors long-lasting but they feel wonderful on your lips - smooth and moisturizing. I usually apply lip balm over my lipstick to make my lips feel soft, but I don't need to wRead more about review stating High quality lipsticksith these, and I love that. They're high-quality lipsticks and I'm very pleased

 by TT
Rich and moisturizing!

This lipstick feels wonderful and looks great for hours. I love that the colors are named for tango steps. I bought Cabeceo. Very happy with my purchase.

 by Suzanne
Smooth and silky

I chose Sacada as my first shade of lipstick from the Embrace line and was not disappointed. The product glides on smoothly and evenly without tugging at my lips. It has natural Ingredients like avocado oil which make me feel good about using it and were moisturizing. The color is bright enough to be fun and flirty but not garish like a lot of pinRead more about review stating Smooth and silkyks I’ve tried. Best of all it lasted through a whole night of dancing and was easy to remove when I got home. What more could you ask for!

 by Poly
Márcia Poliana

I really liked the lipsticks, what vibrant colors! Beautiful girl!

 by Elis R.
Cor da perfeição

Linda a cor salida! Ficou perfeita nos lábios da modelo.

 by Dionilda

Parabéns vai para linda modelo Carolina e para empresa desses lindos batons... Um abraço Dionilda.

 by Fernanda F.

Produtos de ótimo qualidade! Eficaz!
Qualidade nas imagens do catálogo e linda modelo!💄👏👏

 by Mary
I love this lipstick!

The color of this lipstick stands out when dancing tango. I love it and I feel safe with this wholesome product. It has a good amount of natural ingredients such as Avocado oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, which adds moisture to my lips and keeps my lip healthy. It has a nice shine and it serves as a healthy alternative to traditional cRead more about review stating I love this lipstick!osmetics that have a lot of chemicals.

 by Lima

Batons lindos valorizados pela boca desta modelo!Quero toda Coleção!

 by Naide
Tudo muito lindo e maravilhoso. Modelo espetacular, batons com cores lindas e difenciada. Amei 😘😘👏👏👏👏

Sensacional 👏👏👏👏

 by Raysea

Amei as cores dos batons!👏 parabéns a modelo e ao restante dos envolvidos👏😍

 by Sabrina P.
Parabéns pelos batons!!!

Coleção linda de batons!!!!
Parabéns pela modelo👏👏👏

 by Caroline L.
Long Lasting Lipstick. Awesome Lipstick!

Review by Caroline L. on 4 Jan 2020review stating Long Lasting Lipstick. Awesome Lipstick!Wonderful lipstick! This lipstick is of excellent quality and has an amazing duration. It's the longest-lasting lipstick I've ever used. Great!

 by Socorro P.
Lindas cores!

Bela modelo!!👏👏👏👏

 by Célia 🇧.
Carol / lipsticks!

Congratulations to the beautiful model! Loved the lipsticks! 😍

 by Liliane T.
Lindas, as cores e a modelo

Ainda não conheço a marca, mas já me apaixonei pelas cores e pela modelo! Estão de parabéns!

 by Marjorie
Fabulous lipstick!!

I have to start out saying that I don't usually wear lipstick because I find that they make my lips so dry. But I gave this one a try and not only are the colors really attractive but my lips felt moist and it stayed on my lips for the whole night. A wonderful new addition to the make-up world!!

 by Ellie
beautiful color!

I just got to try the new Embrace colors through our Tango community. Wow.. love those colors!! I picked Cabeceo and Sacada. They are creamy but still shinny and easy to put on. We finally got our Tango lipsticks, I feel ecstatic!

 by Dinita
I bought the Ocho Embrace lipstick.

This is a high quality product that will enhance your unique beauty, the natural ingredients dampen the lips perfectly. The colors are vibrant, passionate, long lasting and glide on easily. Embrace is intense and subtle like tango. It will make you feel wonderful all the way into the night...

 by Linda
Tango LIpstick

Review by Linda on 10 Dec 2019review stating Tango LIpstickAs a Tango dancer, I enjoyed having the opportunity to sample and use a variety of colors from the lipstick by Embrace Cosmetics. The colors are very vivid and rich. The texture is smoothly and lasts for a long time. I have chosen for myself Cabeceo and Ocho. The Cabeceo is a true and rich red color, while the Ocho lipstick has more of a pinkish lRead more about review stating Tango LIpstickook to it. For a lighter look in the day, I use the Ocho, and for those fabulous nights out dancing Tango, I prefer the Cabeco! Either way, all of the lavish colors in the Embrace Cosmetic lipstick line are luscious, beautiful and vibrant. A high quality product!